Gender's Relationship with Game Development

This paper was my senior capstone project. I needed to write a paper about a gender issue that is present in my major. I talked about the population of males and females in game development and briefly with the situation with Gamer Gate.


Scrum Master Post Mortem 

In one of my software development classes I was the role of Scrum Master. I was delegated the task of running a group project where we worked on a game created by the class before us. We had to fix bugs, add additional features and improve the overall player experience. This was my post mortem of the whole project. 


Working as a Team: An in Depth Look into How MMORPG's Construct Groups of Players for an Optimal Game Experience.

I wrote a research paper about the effects of game features like "Raid Finder" in World of Warcraft and how it hurts the player experience. I compared the system to other game systems used in Runescape.


Hearthstone Paper

I wrote this paper my freshman year of high school when the very popular game Hearthstone was in beta phase. I talked about how strong this game was and the great amount of balancing Blizzard did so early on in development.